Basket Order

Basket order is a convenient way to execute large chunks of orders in one go; now, you don't need to pick and place large orders multiple times; just make a basket and place it all in one click. You can easily save this basket for later. Adding new contracts to this basket and then placing orders for everything at once is a quick and straightforward process. A basket where you group several individual orders together. Each order is checked just like a regular one. If everything is good to go, all the orders are executed as planned. However, if you don't have enough money to buy everything in the basket, only the orders that fit your budget will be carried out.


The core purpose of our Basket Order is to make the trading process easy for investors by offering a convenient and efficient way to execute large chunks of orders in a single click. By utilising Basket Orders, traders can create and save up to 20 unique baskets tailored to their individual trading strategies and preferences. Whether executing a multi-leg strategy or simply grouping multiple orders together, our platform empowers users to save time and enhance efficiency like never before. With the ability to customise baskets, add multiple contracts, and execute complex strategies seamlessly, our Basket Order feature is designed to maximise trading potential and provide traders with the flexibility and control they need to succeed in the market.


For Whom It is Beneficial?

Basket Order is a great solution for various kinds of traders, including Scalpers, Swing traders, positional traders and educational institutions. This tool offers a great way to execute your large order in one go, even if you are a scalper and make frequent trades but with a large quantity, so that you never miss the right price by placing the orders again and again. Basket order offers a solution where you can add multiple scripts and execute them simultaneously at the correct price.



  • We are Offering to create up to 20 baskets
  • Execute large chunks of orders in one go
  • Create and execute a multi-leg strategy in a basket
  • Customise your basket accordingly
  • Add multiple scrips into the basket

What We Offer


20 Baskets

Create and save up to 20 unique Baskets tailored to your trading needs. At the same time, add up to 20 scrips into each strike for the execution of all orders in one go.



Name your Baskets for easy identification, and tweak them by adding or removing scripts as per your strategy. We offer free-to-use and customisation into baskets for our users


Multiple Contracts

Now add multiple contracts of your derivatives underlying and create and personalise your strategy into a singular basket so that there will be no deviation while executing a spread.


One Click, Multiple Orders

Imagine placing multiple orders with just one click. Yes, it's possible! Save time and enhance efficiency like never before. Just click one time to place multiple orders.



Easily      modify the Quantity or Order type in your Baskets. Bigul empowers you with complete control over your trading decisions so that you can adjust your basket according to your preference.


Multi-Legged Strategy

 Seamlessly execute complex multi-legged strategy orders with a single click to maximise your trading process and maximise efficiency. It is crucial to have a spread of contracts to be executed on time.

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Bigul's Basket Order feature allows F&O traders to efficiently place and manage multiple orders. You can create and personalise up to 20 baskets, place 20+ orders in one click, view margins, and execute multi-legged strategies, all through a single platform.

You can add up to 20 different contracts to a single Basket.

The Multi-legged Strategy function enables traders to execute complex strategies involving multiple orders in a single click, enhancing efficiency and saving time.

Yes, customisation is a key feature of Bigul's Basket Order tool.

With Basket Orders, you can place both Limit and Market orders. A Market order will be executed immediately, while a Limit order will remain pending until it is executed.

Yes, you can trade in F&O using Basket Orders. 

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