Stock SIP

Stock SIP is the same as normal SIP, but in-stock Investors invest a fixed amount or a fixed quantity of stocks at regular intervals. As an investor, you can choose intervals for the investments, such as every day, every week, every two weeks, or every month, based on how much you can invest. We are Introducing the Bigul Stock SIP, an investment strategy in the stock market that lets you systematically invest a predetermined sum of money or a certain quantity of stocks at a regular interval period in a particular chosen share. In this process, you select a specific number of shares to be purchased or a certain amount to be invested at a regular interval. Start your Stock SIPs with Bigul's Trading App.

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. It is a Systematic Investment Plan, an investment scheme that regularly invests a fixed amount of money. SIP is popular specifically in mutual fund schemes; this practical investment strategy allows investors to consistently invest a fixed amount of money in their mutual funds. The investment can be made monthly, weekly, or quarterly. A certain amount is deducted automatically from the policyholder's account to invest in mutual funds. A predetermined number of units are distributed at the current market price. These flexible plans allow investors to raise their investment amount or stop making payments anytime. SIP lets you regularly invest capital in several mutual fund schemes depending on your financial objectives. 


What is Stock SIP?

Stock SIP is just like normal SIP, but the catch here is that you will be investing in a particular chosen stock and purchasing it on a regular basis. There is no diversification of your funds, just like a mutual fund, and there is no fund manager who will be looking out and managing your funds. Stock SIP returns totally depend on how that stock is performing and what its market value is. In the time horizon, you will keep purchasing shares on a regular basis. Stock SIP can yield good returns in the long run and help you achieve your financial goals. SIP in stocks is a good option for those who are new to investing in the share market and want to invest in a disciplined manner.

Key Differences between Stock SIP and MF SIP

  • Stock SIP provides direct impact onto      individual stocks, potentially yielding higher returns but with higher risks due to market volatility, whereas in Mutual Fund SIP the portfolio is diversified into various sectors, allowing the portfolio's risk factors also diversified into various sectors.
  • In Stock SIP, an investor purchases a fixed quantity of stocks or invests a fixed amount directly in specific stocks at regular intervals, whereas, in Mutual Fund SIP, an investor invests in a portfolio which is diversified into various different stocks managed by professional fund managers.
  • Stock SIP usually requires the correct stock selection and active monitoring of stock, with research and analysis skills, while in Mutual Fund SIP, an investor doesn't need to worry about stock selection or analysis of stock as fund managers take responsibility and make decisions of adjustments in the portfolio.
  • Stock SIP is best suited for investors with a higher risk-taking capability and knowledge of the stock market, while      Mutual Fund SIP is suitable for investors looking for diversification of their funds, professional management, and a disciplined investing approach.

What Do We Offer


Customisable Investments

Achieve your financial goals and risk appetite with Bigul’s Stock SIP. Decide the share quantity or fixed amount for each stock, and enjoy a disciplined investing.


Flexible Periods

Choose from yearly, quarterly, monthly, or bi-weekly investment frequencies to match your financial capabilities. Benefit from averaging costs and reduced impact of market fluctuations.


Defined Duration

Commit to a specific investment duration, like 3 years, for long-term wealth creation and let the power of compounding do its work.


Full Control

Pause, skip, or stop your SIP anytime, catering to life's unexpected events. Enjoy the freedom to modify your investments without penalties or charges.


Stock Selection

Invest in a hand-picked basket of stocks chosen for their market capitalisation, financial performance, and growth potential.

Advantages of SIP Investment

Power of Compounding

Over the long period, compound returns are aided by SIP. Thus, the compounding effect kicks in when the returns are reinvested.

Low Investment

You can invest a fixed monthly amount into the SIP, which minimises the burden of making a single lump-sum investment.

Lower Average Costs

Earn additional units when prices are down and less when prices climb. This lowers your average investment cost on net basis.


SIPs are a very practical approach to making investments. SIPs do not call for in-depth market analysis or energetic reaction to market trends.

Investing Across Market Cycles

The same SIP funds can be purchased in more units when the market is in a downtrend and lower units when the market is in a bull run. 

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Discover all you need to know effortlessly with our frequently asked questions—your go-to resource for answers.

Bigul Stock SIP is a systematic investment plan in the Indian stock market, allowing investors to invest a fixed amount of money or purchase a fixed quantity of shares at regular intervals in selected stocks. It's designed to give the power of averaging while building wealth over an extended period.

Investors can customise their Stock SIP by choosing the amount they want to invest and the frequency (e.g., monthly or quarterly). The fixed amount is then automatically invested in the chosen stocks at predetermined intervals.

Bigul Stock SIP offers multiple benefits, including disciplined and consistent investing, controlled market fluctuations, tailored flexibility, long-term wealth generation, strategic diversification, hassle-free convenience, accessibility, and effective risk management.

Yes, it is totally suitable for beginner traders who came recently into the market, which gives them the flexibility to invest with a disciplined approach.

Yes, you can start, stop, or modify your Stock SIP investments according to your financial goals and risk appetite. This feature allows you to adapt your investment plan to find the deviations and the rectification required.

Stock SIP helps manage risks by spreading investments over time, allowing investors to take advantage of market fluctuations and minimising the impact of short-term volatility. 

Stock SIPs typically have a lower minimum investment requirement than lump-sum investments, making them accessible to a wider range of investors. The minimum amount may vary depending on the specific Stock SIP price and the stocks chosen.

Yes, Bigul's Stock SIP allows investors to run the SIP in multiple stocks. 

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