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Quick Trade option transform trading with its ability to execute orders swiftly, eliminating delays and ensuring trades are made at precise moments. Designed for the fast-paced trader, it integrates customisable trades based on individual analysis, complemented by instant access to market data and trends for informed decision-making. Ideal for day traders, swing traders, scalpers, and position traders across cash, futures, or options markets, Quick Trade caters to diverse trading platforms. Experience unmatched speed with lightning-fast entry and exit, featuring time-based and price-based options for automatic execution. Bigul emphasises that in trading, speed is paramount. Quick Trade's advanced technology ensures your trades are executed without delay, maximising profitability. Join Bigul now for a trading experience that places you ahead in every transaction.

Purpose of Quick Trade

The purpose of Bigul's Quick Trade is to empower traders with the capability to execute orders with unparalleled speed, ensuring instant market entry and exit. This tool is specially designed for traders who operate in fast-paced environments and require immediate action on market opportunities. Quick Trade enables customisable trades, allowing traders to apply their own analysis, use advanced indicators, and access real-time market data for strategic decision-making. It supports various market segments, offering multi-time frame analysis and quick order functionalities to enhance trading efficiency. The ultimate goal of Quick Trade is to minimising execution delay, making it an essential tool for day traders, scalpers, and technical traders aiming for precision and speed in their trading activities.

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For Whom It is Beneficial?

Bigul's Quick Trade is designed for all types of traders, including day traders, technical traders, scalpers, and position traders, who want to execute trades quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for traders who want to take advantage of market opportunities in real-time, whether they are trading in the cash markets or in futures and options. With its customization options and intuitive interface, traders can easily tailor the tool to suit their trading needs and strategies.

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  • quick trading appLightning-Fast Entry and Exit
  • tradersTime-Based and Price-Based Options
  • paper tradeCustomisable Trades
  • futures optionsAvailable for Various Markets
  • quick tradingInformed Trading Decisions

What We Offer

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Mulit-Time Frame

We offer multi-time frames for traders who like to do multi-timeframe analysis before taking their trades. From 1 minute to 75 minutes, you will be offering us shorter time frames.

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Advanced Chart & Indicators

Now place your orders by analyzing our advanced chart and using advanced indicators. We offer a wide variety of indicators, some of which are RSI, Bollinger band, MACD, Moving average and many more.

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Quick Order Buttons

For a fast-paced trader, every second is important, place your orders on a single click with proper parameters on our quick trade option. UP To Buy and DOWN to Sell.

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Quick Stop Loss

Sometimes its not always market gives you what you expect, to protect your trade from unwanted losses place a percentage wise stop loss quickly in a single click option on your quick trade.

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Time Period

Scalpers or fast-paced traders usually do not hold trades for a longer time, so we offer an auto square-off facility for your trades. Your trades will get auto-squared off after a specified time as you decide.

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Quick Trade is a feature offered by Bigul's trading platform that enables traders to execute their orders with lightning-fast speed, and offers them to take entry and exit into their trades quickly with no time delay.

With Quick Trade, traders can execute trades quickly and efficiently. They can choose between time-based and price-based options and customize trades by applying their own studies and conditions.

The key features of Quick Trade include lightning-fast entry and exit, time-based and price-based options, customizable trades, availability in various markets, and informed trading decisions based on market data analysis.

An investor can take entry into various types of markets, even if you like to trade in equity or in futures and options.

Yes, traders can apply their own studies and conditions to customize trades based on their analysis.

Yes, with Bigul's Quick Trade, traders can get access to market data, analyze trends, and make decisions based on the latest market information.

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