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"Execution Algo" offers unparalleled guidance for all trading queries, crafted by experts with vast experience in broking, financial analysis, and software development. It's a unique, comprehensive platform specifically for Options Traders, providing all necessary tools in one place, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. It features auto-trading capabilities, allowing orders to be automated based on specific conditions. Designed for a wide range of financial professionals, from proprietary to retail traders with varying fund sizes, Execution Algo is a sophisticated, server-based algorithmic trading application. It supports multiple markets and assets, boasts a high-performance, event-based trading system, and offers highly configurable features, enabling the automation of high-frequency and quantitative trading strategies and the management of electronic trading businesses.

Purpose of Execution Algo

The primary purpose of Execution Algo, developed by Bigul, is to democratise the complex world of trading with an advanced, AI-driven algorithmic trading platform designed for a broad spectrum of users, from individual investors to large investment firms. It simplifies and automates trading strategies across various markets, ensuring users from novices to seasoned investors can optimise their investments efficiently. With features like auto-trading, real-time market analysis, and automated portfolio management, alongside a suite of specialised algorithms like Averaging Algo and Master Scalper, Execution Algo aims to manage risks, and provide a competitive edge in trading by leveraging cutting-edge technology for financial success.

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Who is it for?

Bigul's Execution Algo is an ideal solution for various users, including individual investors, financial advisors, wealth managers, investment firms, family offices, retirement planners, and educational institutions. This AI-driven tool offers 10+ strategy templates, real-time market analysis, and automated portfolio management, catering to novice and experienced investors. By adopting this cutting-edge technology, users can optimise investments, streamline processes, and achieve long-term financial success.

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What We Offer

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Averaging Algo

For savvy investors, our Averaging Algo navigates market volatility in bull markets and reducing costs in bear markets, tailored to your portfolio.

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Price Betterment Algo

Executes trades within your price range, optimising strategy with predefined quantity, time, and pricing parameters automatically.Top of Form

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Master Scalper

Master Scalper quickly buys and sells from price fluctuations, ensuring no missed opportunities in trading with Bigul.

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Algo Ideas

Bigul's technology blends with imagination to identify the best algo strategy tailored to your unique trading style.

Benefits of Execution Algo

User-friendly Strategy Templates

ccess pre-built and market-tested trading strategy templates as a starting point for your smart trading.

Access pre-built and market-tested trading strategy templates as a starting point for your smart trading.

Fast Server Solution

 Reliable, stable, precise high-speed order processing and execution, with easy monitoring of multiple strategies, through the built-in features.

Multi-Market and Asset Neutral

ake advantage of opportunities in various markets, including equities, futures, options, and currency markets.

Event-Based Trading System

 Quick, accurate trade execution in response to market events, especially for algorithmic trading.

Trigger Orders by Time, Volume, and Price

reate automated trading strategies triggered by specific market conditions, including time, trading volume, price movements, using Trigger Orders.

Powerful Dashboard

Access real-time information about your multiple trading strategies through the system's dashboard.

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Discover all you need to know effortlessly with our frequently asked questions—your go-to resource for answers.

Experience the power of automated trading with Bigul's Execution Algos - our specially programmed tools that use a variety of parameters like time, price, and volume to execute orders. Access predefined trading strategies that simplify your trading process in the stock market.

With Execution Algos, leverage the power of computing speed and accuracy to your advantage. Experience a surge in consistency, reduce the emotional impact on your trading decisions, and enjoy a more user-friendly trading interface. With Bigul, we're committed to enhancing your trading experience.

If you're a Bigul customer with a trading account, you can access our cutting-edge Execution Algos. Available on the all-new Bigul app or our website, step into the future of trading today.

Trading has never been easier. As a Bigul customer, you can access Execution Algos through our revamped Bigul App or website. Trade your way to success with ease and convenience.

Broaden your trading horizons with Execution Algos. Now, place orders in Equity and Derivatives (Futures & Options) segments using our advanced algorithmic strategies.

At Bigul, we believe in transparency and affordability. There are no additional charges for using Execution Algos - just the regular brokerage and statutory charges applicable for products.

Every slice of your Execution Algos order is treated separately, and brokerage is charged accordingly. With Bigul, you pay for what you use, ensuring a fair and efficient trading experience.

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