Stock Scanners

Bigul's Stock Scanner is a powerful tool that empowers traders and investors to navigate the complexities of the financial markets. It serves as your virtual market detective by scanning and meticulously examining vast datasets to identify stocks that meet your specific criteria. This innovative feature is designed to enhance your trading and investment experience by providing real-time insights, live positions, updates and opportunities across various market segments. Our scanner scans the overall market and provides stock scans based on the applied conditions.

Purpose of Scanners

The purpose behind the Bigul Stock Scanner is to empower traders and investors with sophisticated tools for navigating the complexities of financial markets. This tool analyses the market with vast datasets to pinpoint stocks that meet specific criteria. By offering comprehensive coverage of both equity cash and derivatives markets, they provide users with a view of trading opportunities. Through specialized scans in derivatives such as short covering, long build-up, and gap-up in stocks, this tool can help you identify potential opportunities and emerging trends in real-time. Moreover, the ability to customize scans allows users to tailor their strategies to their unique preferences and investment goals. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance trading and investment experiences by having the proper reports of the particular stock, indices or stock derivatives.


Scanners based on Market View

Bigul's Stock Scanner offers a powerful tool for both equity and derivatives traders. It provides a comprehensive analysis of both markets to identify potential trading opportunities through various specialized scans. Dive deep into derivatives with scans focused on short covering, long build-up, long unwinding, and short build-up to understand market sentiment. Whereas equity-focused scans like gap-up stocks close above a 5-day high, double bottom reversals, and prices above key SMAs to pinpoint potential breakouts and trends. These scanners will provide you with real-time data based on your parameters, which will ultimately help you to make informed decisions.



  • Equity and Derivative Coverage
  • Derivative Chain Scans
  • Vast variety of stocks filtration
  • Select based on market view

What We Offer


Derivatives OI Overview

We are offering live stats of Futures OI Build-up on various stocks with near-month expiry, Next month expiry and month expiry, whether it's Long Build-up, Short Build-up, Long Unwinding or Short Covering.


Bullish overview of Equity

Now you will have live stats of those stocks which have performed bullish in the market on a particular day. The data keeps getting updated on a real-time basis, which will help you to make informed decisions.


Bearish overview of Equity

In this section, get live updates on those stocks that are experiencing significant price declines within the market. This real-time data helps you make informed investment decisions and act on them in the meantime.


NSE and BSE Indices Categorization

Here, you will have a peak monitoring of all available indices of NSE and BSE. Take action based on index performance by having real-time data at your fingertips.


MCX Overview

Keep track of MCX scrips with live data. Whether you're interested in how gold performed on a particular day or how oil prices fluctuated over time, this feature provides real-time updates and insights into commodity market trends.

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Bigul's Stock Scanner is an advanced tool designed to assist traders and investors in navigating the complexities of financial markets. It provides real-time insights, live positions, and updates and identifies trading opportunities by scanning and analysing vast datasets.

The Stock Scanner filters through a wide range of market data, including equity and derivative markets. It uses customisable criteria to identify stocks that meet specific trading and investment criteria, allowing users to make informed decisions.

The Stock Scanner offers a variety of scans, including Equity Scanners for gap-up stocks, stocks closing above 5-day highs, and double-bottom patterns. It also provides Derivative Chain Scans for short covering, long build-up, long unwinding, and short build-up scenarios.

Bigul's Stock Scanner caters to a diverse audience, including traders, investors, financial analysts, investment professionals, and even beginners new to stock trading. It's a versatile tool suitable for anyone seeking real-time insights and trading opportunities.

Yes, the Stock Scanner allows users to customise their criteria, tailoring scans to their unique trading strategies and preferences. You can define specific parameters and indicators to match your investment goals.

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