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Algo trading is the Process of executing orders utilising automated and preprogrammed trading instructions to account for variables such as price, timing and volume. An algorithm is a set of directions for solving a problem. It is nothing but a mathematical model developed by programmers and is fed into a computer in a certain way.

Bigul Algos, a powerful trading tool, can change the way traders develop, test, and execute their trading strategies. Within our platform, traders gain access to a comprehensive suite of pre-built, market-tested strategy templates, facilitating a seamless and efficient trading experience. Whether you're a professional or a novice trader, Bigul Algos empowers you to navigate the financial markets with confidence, enhancing your ability to make informed and strategic decisions.

Purpose of Bigul Algos

Bigul Algos revolutionises trading by automating traditional practices, significantly reducing risks linked to manual trading such as emotional biases and input errors. It provides a systematic, consistent approach, ensuring reliability in returns across various risk profiles and trading styles. With pre-built strategies, Bigul Algo minimises manual input errors, enhancing trade accuracy and efficiency. This platform caters to all types of traders, from conservative to aggressive, offering tailored strategies that align with individual goals. By automating strategy execution, Bigul Algos ensures a methodical trading experience, fostering a reliable framework for success in the dynamic trading environment.

Consistency is a key hallmark of successful trading, and Bigul Algos excels in providing traders with a reliable and methodical framework. By offering a variety of pre-built trading strategies, our platform serves the diverse preferences and risk appetites of individual traders. Whether you are a conservative investor seeking steady returns or a more aggressive trader comfortable with higher risks, Bigul Algos understands your needs, allowing you to align your trading approach with your specific goals.

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Who is it for?

Bigul's Portfolio Evaluator is an ideal solution for various users, including individual investors, financial advisors, wealth managers, investment firms, family offices, retirement planners, and educational institutions. This AI-driven tool offers personalised strategies, real-time market analysis, and automated portfolio management, catering to novice and experienced investors. By adopting this cutting-edge technology, users can optimise investments, streamline processes, and achieve long-term financial success.

Our Services

Take your trading prowess to the next level effortlessly with our Pre-Built Trading Strategies—meticulously crafted and ready to deploy, offering a shortcut to success in the dynamic world of financial markets.

Execution Algo

Execution Algo offers a unique, comprehensive platform developed by experts in broking, financial analysis, and software development, tailored for Options Traders. It centralises all trading needs, eliminating the hassle of using multiple platforms. With Auto Trade functionality, it automates orders based on set conditions, catering to financial professionals from proprietary to retail traders, regardless of fund size. Its server-based solution supports multiple markets and assets, enabling the automation of high-frequency and quantitative trading strategies with its event-based system, making it an essential tool for managing electronic trading ventures efficiently..

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Algo Ideas

Bigul's Algo Ideas simplifies mastering algorithmic trading with chart-based, intuitive recommendations, perfect for both beginners and experts. It features pre-built strategy templates that demystify complex algorithms, AI-driven chart recommendations for optimal strategies, and customisable options to suit individual trading needs. With real-time data tracking and updates, it ensures timely, informed recommendations based on current market conditions. This tool not only breaks down trading strategies into accessible blueprints but also personalises the trading experience, making it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to navigate the world of algo trading with ease and confidence..

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What We Offer

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Order Slicer

dividing a large quantity order into a smaller quantity order, more manageable parts, and executing them gradually over a specified period. Order slicing aims to minimise market impact and reduce the risk of unfavourable price movements that may result from executing a large order simultaneously.

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Call Executor

Excel-based algorithmic execution strategy that uses Microsoft Excel as the platform for designing and implementing the strategy. In this strategy, traders use Excel functions, macros, and formulas to create rules and conditions for automatically executing trades based on market data and other inputs.

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Multi-Leg Strategy

Now execute more than one leg in one go here with our Bigul Algo, and create multiple leg strategies to hedge your position or to manage your orders.

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Master Scalping

Allows investors to buy and sell a single stock multiple times during the course of the day, frequently in a short time frame, to capture sudden movements with the intension of holding position for less time

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Trend Trader

Involves identifying a current trend in the market and then executing trades in the direction of that trend, by following a trend an investor intension is to follow the market moment.

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Candle Breakout

Used in quantitative trading for interpreting open, high, low, close price fluctuations of the security, derivative, currency, bond, etc. 

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Calendar Spread

It is horizontal spread involving 2 legs of similar strike price with different expiration dates i.e., going short in near term expiry and long in next expiry. 

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Intelligently manages market entry and exit for multiple clients using triggers from its own charting software.

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Discover all you need to know effortlessly with our frequently asked questions—your go-to resource for answers.

Bigul Algos is a comprehensive tool that includes pre-built trading strategies and a user-friendly platform for executing trades quickly and seamlessly. With Strategy Master, traders can easily access and implement pre-tested strategies, streamlining the trading process.

Bigul Algos offers a user-friendly interface for implementing pre-built trading strategies, analysing technical indicators, managing risk, and customising individual trading styles and tolerances.

The goal of Bigul Algos is to provide traders with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions, limit their risk, and achieve their investment goals.

Bigul Algos provides pre-built trading strategies like Quantitative Trading Strategy (i.e., a system based on technical analysis), Pair Trading, Momentum, Mean-Reversal Strategy, Statistical Arbitrage Strategy, Cross-Market Arbitrage, Price Prediction Arbitrage, Calendar Spread, Cash-Futures, Box Spread, Conversion-Reversal, Butterfly Spread, etc.

Yes, traders can run strategies on USD INR or Currency on our platform, as Bigul Algos offers strategies in multiple segments, and foreign exchange is one of them.

Yes, Bigul Algos has a powerful dashboard through which traders can access real-time information about your multiple trading strategies through the system's dashboard.

Yes, Bigul Algos provides real-time market data and a real-time dashboard updation for traders to monitor their strategies.

Yes, Bigul Algos has a multi-leg strategy where traders can run multiple legs simultaneously, i.e., up to 8 legs.

Yes, it is possible with Bigul Algos for traders to save their strategy and execute it on a daily basis.

Yes, Bigul Algos offers automated trading options, which allow traders to set up and execute trades based on specific market conditions triggered by factors such as time, volume, or price.

Yes, Bigul Algos offers customisation features tailored to individual trading styles and risk tolerances, which can help traders manage risk and achieve their investment goals.

 Yes, it is absolutely safe to use, as it has been approved by the exchange.

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